Mississippi Campers on Mission is part of a national fellowship of Christian Campers of all denominations who want to share their faith and their love of Jesus Christ while camping or participating in missions activities.  Christians today have unprecedented opportunities to witness beyond the walls of their churches.  MSCOM is connected to and supported by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board. We believe that the door to salvation is always open and as traveling campers, we wish to share Christ wherever we go. We show God’s love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity that our hands can find — such as through works of giving, witnessing, and demonstrating Christ’s love for others.  Our organization has a revival team and a construction team to assist churches in their ministry. We feel that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ wherever we are!

1) The name “Campers on Mission (COM)” was adopted by the sponsoring agencies – the Resort Ministry Department of the Home Mission Board and the Recreation Department of the Sunday School Board.  Mississippi COM is supported by the Men’s Ministry of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.         

2) EMBLEM: – was designed to provide opportunities for RV’ers to witness about their faith and sharing Jesus Christ as they go.  

3) FISH: – an early Christian symbol, denotes personal acceptance of Jesus as Savior.

4) COMPASS STAR: – symbolizes the expanse of God’s creation and reminds members that wherever they roam, God is present as they seek Him in recreation.  

5) CIRCLE: – represents God’s eternal existence and beautiful love of all people.  

6) SONG: – “Campers on Mission for Jesus” written in 1986 by Alice Greenwood, a member of the Texas COM, attended the National Rally in Greenwood, MS in the mid- 90’s    
BACKGROUND: If you enjoy ministering with a group, consider joining Campers On Mission.  COM holds a national rally each year, usually in June, for fellowship, training, and planning specific projects.  Campers worship together, swap reports of God at work, and attend a variety of seminars to better equip them for service.  Since the birth of the national Campers On Mission, 25 state-level chapters have developed.  These state chapters, including the Mississippi COM, offer in-state rallies throughout the year.  Credit for much of this information is given to Vicki Knasel Brown who lives in Mineral Wells, Texas.  It was adapted from an article she had written which appeared in a publication dated April, 1998 and from information on the Texas COM website.

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